My Crypto Merchant - About Us

Welcome to My Crypto Merchant, the platform revolutionizing the way businesses and customers interact with cryptocurrency. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency by providing a secure and seamless interface for peer-to-peer crypto payments. Here, you’ll learn more about our story, our founders, and our commitment to helping businesses thrive in the age of digital currencies.

Our Story

Founded on the Bitcoin dream of direct peer-to-peer financial transactions, My Crypto Merchant was established by a team of Internet and Crypto experts with over 30 years of combined experience. Our goal is to drive crypto adoption worldwide by connecting customers and vendors through innovative solutions that ensure pure peer-to-peer transaction processing with no third-party fees or limits.

Our Founders

Kevin Jenson, Co-Founder: A seasoned marketing and sales manager with a passion for innovation and a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency landscape, Kevin Jenson has dedicated himself to revolutionizing the way businesses and customers interact.

Bryant Harper, Co-Founder: A seasoned entrepreneur and business leader, Bryan Harper combines his expertise in traditional business with his passion for innovative technologies to create an unparalleled platform for businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable every business, merchant, gig worker, vendor, and contractor to receive payment in the cryptocurrency of their choice directly from their customer with no middleman, no fees, and no limits. By joining My Crypto Merchant, you can set your business apart from the competition and become a leader in your industry.

Our Services

  1. Secure Interface: We offer a secure interface for seamless transactions that collects payment directly into the business’s designated crypto account without ever handling the funds.
  2. Personal Domain Name: Our platform provides a personal domain name for secure fund transfers and instant payment confirmation.
  3. Cryptocurrency Selection: Choose from over 150 different cryptocurrencies to accommodate the preferences of your customers.
  4. Marketing Materials & Merchandise: We supply eye-catching marketing materials and merchandise to help you promote your business’s crypto acceptance.
  5. Crypto Business Directory & Marketing Services: As a member, you have the option of being listed in our crypto business directory and taking advantage of our services to drive traffic to your business.

Better Business

My Crypto Merchant understands the challenges businesses face with traditional payment methods. Our platform eliminates risks of fraud, counterfeit payments, theft, and transaction fees, ensuring you receive 100% of your payment directly into your account.

Stand Out

By accepting crypto as an alternative payment method, you can establish your business as an industry leader and attract attention from potential customers. Our platform helps your business stand out from the crowd, driving growth and success.

Join My Crypto Merchant

This is the time to set yourself apart from your competitors and capitalize on this opportunity. Get the rewards before it’s mainstream and allow My Crypto Merchant to help you achieve the goals you have only dreamed of. To learn more about My Crypto Merchant and join our growing community of businesses, visit

Connect with us today, and let’s revolutionize the way businesses and customers interact using cryptocurrency!